Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 6: Teaching large classes, PPT, and Project implement

After reading some posts on Nicenet and some blogs, I could see that for some teachers a concern is to handle large groups. I liked reading the articles about teaching large classes and having activities such as Think-Pair-Share and Think-Pair-Square activities. Also, role playing is a good activity to have students participate actively in the classroom. My favorite article was “Teaching Naked: Why Removing Technology from your Classroom Will Improve Student Learning” because it suggests emailing as a way to keep in touch with students with assignments and announcements that can be done more effectively through messaging outside the class, so we use our class time more effectively. It also suggests that the teacher and the students have a more personal Face-to-Face interrelation in classes. It helps me focus my project’s objective and activities.
Creating an interactive PPT took me some time. It is divided in four main blocks to aid the class with a technological tool: presentation, vocabulary, listening, and project. Each block is separated by a blank slide which is meant to focus the students’ attention on the teacher to summarize what has been done before moving on the next activity. It was a good activity since it is the first time I created one that is interactive with hyperlinks to different parts of the document and a web link. I have tried this presentation with some students outside class, and they found it interesting.
I teach two classes this term, and I was not sure with which group I should work. I have been planning similar activities with both groups, but I finally focused my project and the report on one of them.
Since the objective of my project is to work on motivating activities to enhance students’ listening skills outside of class for self-paced study and extension of class activities, I have used two activities so far. The first one was on this site: Learning Languages. It was meant to talk about their learning a foreign language regarding our project’s activities. The second activity reinforces a topic we have in our guide book “Feng Shui”. Get Rich Quick | Space Lift: Feng Shui Your Home Ep. 3
What I have done: I had a previous activity in the classroom to explain the activity and the procedure. Then, I emailed the students the links and instructions telling them what to do as well as some follow up questions to be sent back before our class. Finally, we shared, discussed, and worked on some post listening and post-viewing activities in the classroom. The activity about Feng Shui will continue next week; the class will work on the project.
My concern… so far, most students have participated on both activities, and they enjoyed the task. However, not the hundred percent of students got engaged in the activity. I think they still believe that their learning is surrounded by walls and happens only when they attend to classes and participate in the classroom activities.
Just like the other weeks, this one was full of learning by doing.


  1. Hi Genny,

    I like the way you use these sites in class. It is true, we won't be able to engage all of our students. but, I was thinking, maybe you can have a previous activity before exposing students into this listening activity. it is a great listening and maybe they just need to come to class ready for that. also, to have an exercise with them after that in order to have them connected to your class (kind of responsibility on them) for home. I would have given them like a brainstorming to let them develop critical thinking, in that way they can be more willing to be the first in working in your class and to listen again at home this site.

    I like the way you have planned this and I am sure It will work, remember, it is the first week and probably the topic is not interesting for them, and ... with students nothing is according to our plans.

    Great work Genny,

    Have a great night.



  2. Hi Genny,
    I also enjoyed creating the interactive PPT.
    Also,you are make intersting PPT about Feng Shui.
    I am sure your students will enjoy learning with you!!
    all the best