Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 9: Project Report and Learning Styles

We had worked so hard reading, analyzing our students’ needs, planning a technological related change to meet our students’ needs and finally last November 25 we sent our reports. No doubt we have been working so hard, and we have done it from heart.
This has been a very hectic week, just like the others, but full of joy because I could report what I did with my students and every word reminded me the different weeks and little steps I took toward this final report of my project, “Using Technology to Enhance Listening Skills.” However, this is not the end. I feel it is the beginning of a new way to see the teaching and learning process. It is a commitment to continue this entrepreneur to be better professionals focused on our students’ needs.
I have read some of my coursemates’ blogs and I could perceive that we share a similar feeling. We can’t help being sad because this course is about to get to an end, and it is hard for some of us to say good-bye. The most important, I have learned a lot from everyone, and I will always remember them.
This week we discussed about Learning Styles and the way we could use technology to address them. At first, I thought it was going to be the easiest discussion ever, but the reality proved I was wrong. After reading different articles, I could see that there are different authors that classify the learning styles different ways. What’s more, after reading an article by Barbara Prashnig, Director of the Creative Learning Company in Auckland, I knew that Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences are not exactly the same. I think it is important to know more about these two concepts to approach out students’ needs and abilities better.
Getting ready for our last week, I just wonder if the discussions on Nicenet or the information in our Wiki class will still be available for us to keep on reading after the end of the next week when our class is officially over. Whatever happens, I have learned a lot!

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  1. Hello, Genny

    I have the same feeling as yours.
    Time flies! We finished our final project report/plan, and only a week left toward the end of this course. I like your posts on Nicenet and blogs that showed your genuine feelings and thoughts, and I learned numbers of things from them. Thank you, Genny.

    Here again, you show me a very important URL above. As I wrote in my blog, learning nine categories of learning styles were sort of "sobering" experience. This is also a brand new thought. I will have a further study about learning styles with this.

    Now I am feeling that teaching styles and learning styles are "double track" or inextricably linked each other.

    How do you feel about this?

    Best regards,

    P.S. I also hope the same thing in your last paragraph.