Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 4: CALL, my students' needs, and Lesson Plan

This week we briefly reminded all the participants of the characteristics of our class and that helped me focus on the needs of my class which are the needs of my institution as I said on my post. Learning English as a Foreign Language becomes a bit harder since students are not too exposed to the language and they lack of “authentic” material. However, that is something that can be overcome with the help of technology brought to the classroom or outside it considering the fact that nowadays most students are a step further with their web search and use of technology. They have become expert people working with internet in their houses and using different kinds of social network. What they need is to narrow they search and we are there to guide them find what is necessary for them to enhance their learning skills.

Using CALL to enhance our students reading and writing skills is important since students need more guided activities and opportunities to use the language in different contexts, such as e-mailing or being an e-pal. Not only that, but they can also read what is going on in the world and analyze and compare what they find out to their own reality. This is definitely an activity not to be done in a week, but it is the beginning of a new search and a new way to view things in the Teaching – Learning process.

Considering all the previous facts, we have also planned a class taking our students' needs into account and have suggested some sites that can be beneficial for our students. In my case, My Lesson Plan was designed in a way I think can be helpful for my students. I have suggested some sites to enhance my students’ reading and writing skills outside the classroom with a specific activity based on the lesson and objectives that were designed. I am looking forward to receiving your feedback because I think that one who observes something without being part of it will be more objective than one who is involved in a reality.

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  1. Hi Genny
    I like this post, highlighting the needs of the students and class. Authentic tasks using authentic languages seems to be an important issue for your (and most anyone's) class.